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How do I choose the right University for my Professional Courses?

Before zeroing on a course and deciding a university in India, it is important to get a few crucial questions answered objectively.

According to academicians, 32% of Indian students choose wrong institutes or colleges or universities for their higher education or continuing education unknowingly.

Due to lack of knowledge in fundamental essentialities on recognition & accreditation of universities in India, this is where most students get trapped into unprofessional and unethical third-party education consultants luring students into impossibles.

Analysing and getting expert counselling for plausible directions from a university authorized admission or information office like "Nalanda Institute of Technology and Allied Health Sciences - NITAS"  will definitely impact your higher education or continuing professional education goals and output.

Ways to find the best universities

Points of fundamental essentiality while choosing a university

  • All Indian universities (Union or Central Government, State Government, State Private and Deemed) are duly recognized by University Grant Commission or UGC u/s 2(f) and should be empowered to award degrees specified u/s 22 of UGC Act 1956. Check if your university is recognized by the UGC only by visiting their Universities section of the official website. No education institution / Professional organizations other than UGC recognized are authorized to conduct courses or issue degrees.
  • One of the most important yardsticks points to add to your checklist is Accreditation from respective professional councils while choosing the courses (AICTE - for Technical Education, BCI - for Legal Studies, PCI- for Pharmaceutical studies, NCTE - for Teachers Education, ICAR for Agricultural Studies. etc). No university is allowed to run specialized or council courses without proper accreditation from the respective councils.For instance, institutes dealing with Engineering study should bear the due recognition of AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education)
  • When you happened to visit the education counsellor or consultant, insist to show their "ORIGINAL" authorizations from the university. Do not fall for any excuses as many un-authorized education consultants might take you for a ride.
  • Points which should be kept in mind while choosing a university for pursuing the continuing professional course are (criteria for admission, examination pattern, grading pattern) while doing a little search on the internet by attaching keywords like "Fake" to the university name will give you an overview of the performance and credibility of the university.

Stay away from suspecious claims by the education consultants. Stay away from suspicious claims by the education consultants, research twice before taking admission and talk to authorized education counsellers and cross verify their claims. "Nalanda Institute of Technology and Allied Health Sciences - NITAS" is university authorized information office.


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